Darling donation

Workers and management at Lend Lease’s Darling Walk project recently made a terrific effort to support the Construction Industry’s Drug and Alcohol Foundation.

In late July, the new Drug & Gambling Co-ordinator, Tony Papa, and Education Officer, Tom Simpson, were presented with a cheque for the Foundation for $10,800 raised by site employees.

Foundation House donation from Darling project

“This donation is very important to a charitable organisation such as Foundation House,” Papa said. “Donations are really hard come by for drug, alcohol and gambling institutions as they are not considered as appealing as other charities.”

Workers at the site raised the money through onsite parking. Papa said he encouraged other sites to emulate this commitment to The Foundation.

“The generosity and sincerity of the management and workers on that job is outstanding and greatly appreciated by all at The Foundation,” Papa said.

A special mention must go to Peter Genovese, the Lend Lease delegate, who was instrumental in promoting Foundation House as the site’s chosen charity.

“Foundation House really deserves the support of the industry and workers should consider themselves ambassadors for The Foundation and do whatever possible to ensure Foundation House is their site charity. You never know when you, your workmate, or someone in your family may need our services,” Papa said.