About Foundation House

The Construction Industry Drug & Alcohol Foundation
Foundation House is an alcohol, drug and gambling treatment centre run by the Construction Industry Drug and Alcohol Foundation (the Foundation).

The Foundation was established in 1994 to address the lack of availability of effective alcohol, drug and gambling treatment options, limited places in existing facilities, and unrealistic waiting lists in an already overcrowded public health system.

The Foundation is a non profit organisation that aims to raise funds to provide adequate, effective and readily accessible alcohol, drug and gambling treatment services and support to construction industry personnel, members of their families and the general public. It is an incorporated association, is registered under the Charitable Fundraising Act, and has been granted Gift Deductibility Status by the Australian Taxation Office.

The Foundation operates independently and autonomously, however it is linked through similar goals, and its target group to the Building Trades Group Drug and Alcohol Program. It is unique in its bringing together of all stakeholders in the building and construction industry in a co-operative and harmonious atmosphere in what has for many years been a confrontational environment.

Membership of the Foundation is open to construction industry employees and union officials, construction industry employers or employer groups, and representatives from the drug and alcohol, medical, legal, or other appropriate fields. It is administered by a Committee of Management elected annually by the general membership in accordance with its rules. The Committee of Management consists of 4 employee/union official representatives, 4 employer/employer group representatives, and 1 representative from the drug and alcohol, medical, legal, or other appropriate fields.

Foundation House
As a result of a successful fundraising campaign and high levels of recognition and support within the community and the construction industry, the Foundation achieved a long-term objective in June 2000 when the then NSW Premier, the Honourable Bob Carr officially opened Foundation House. The facility was funded solely by the Foundation for its first 2 years of operation, and is now funded by the Foundation and the construction industry, the NSW Department of Health, and several registered clubs.

The unit is staffed 24 hours a day 7 days a week and is located in a tranquil waterfront setting within the grounds of Callan Park in Sydney’s inner west. It originally only provided drug and alcohol services, however in recent years has expanded its operations and levels of service provision to now provide residential and outpatient alcohol, drug and gambling services to a broad target group, including construction industry personnel, members of their families and members of the general public.

We provide a 10 bed 28 day Residential Drug and Alcohol Program, and a separate specially targeted 6 bed 28 day Residential Gambling Program. In addition to the Residential Programs the facility offers a broad range of services specifically designed around the needs of the individual client, including a structured 4 week Intensive Outpatient Gambling Program, outpatient counselling, family support, aftercare and relapse prevention groups for clients with alcohol, drug and gambling problems.