Many hundreds of tortured individuals and their families have participated and completed the Foundation House programs. They have come from all kinds of backgrounds and varying levels of addiction, whether it was alcohol, drugs or gambling.

Following are some of the signed testimonials of gratitude and continuing support for Foundation House. Their stories make compelling (and painful) reading and will resonate with many people reading them. Some are many years after attending Foundation House’s program, yet still remembered and commend its approach and programs, now living happy and successful lives.

Even though they are proud to associate themselves with Foundation House, names have been removed for anonymity and privacy.

My name is BC and I completed my first-ever rehab after 4 previous failed attempts, dating back to 2001. I’m 31 years old and at the time of my admission to Foundation House, I had been battling drug and alcohol problems since my teens.

I was raised in a split family environment with my mother at the time of my childhood being an abusive and aggressive alcoholic. I was also sexually abused by a non-family member…

As a result of my upbringing, I turned to drugs, alcohol and gambling which destroyed my life. I dropped out of school at 16. By my 20’s, I was addicted to “ice” and had been arrested, charged, jailed… While in jail, I became addicted to heroin.

All my admissions into detox [programs], rehabs, psych wards, overdoses, attempted suicides, criminal history, corrective services…to show just how hopeless my life had become before I entered Foundation House.

…these men and women [at Foundation House] made me feel comfortable about myself for the first time in a long time. And to this day, I have not picked up a drug – any drug. I still return to Foundation House for BBQs and have recently arranged counselling so I can stay on top of my long-term recovery…


I am writing with regards to the news that the funding previously promised to Foundation House has been withheld, resulting in Foundation House having to:

- Reduce client intake…
- Exclude all female intake…
- Implement staff redundancies

My experience at Foundation House, while I completed the 28-day program was more than satisfactory, it was a God-send. I came to Foundation House a scared, angry drug-addict, and left [the program] a confident lady with an understanding of my drug problem and the way it affected my behaviour and thinking, along with gaining tools to help combat any future triggers. As the Foundation House motto promises, I got introduced to myself and became a friend to myself. This is invaluable to my future and a drastic change to my past. I am now proudly 70 days clean.

I am disappointed that the Government has not provided Foundation House the promised funding and I urge you to continue to seek a change to this decision…

…I did not have health insurance. In my search for a suitable short-term [residential] program which was cost-effective and financially viable, for women in NSW, Foundation House was the only option available to me. Foundation House was the only 12-step program available to me.

…I will always be grateful and consider myself lucky…to graduate from Foundation House…


My name is JB and I am a recovering addict/alcoholic. I completed the rehabilitation program at Foundation House…I found it to be the best comprehensive 28-day program for drug and alcohol dependence I have ever done, and I have completed a couple of rehabs…

…the staff truly understand the nature of addiction ([as some have] experienced it first-hand), and are able to very effectively guide clients into a life of recovery.

I think it is disgusting that the Government funding for Foundation House has been cut and/or withheld. Without this funding, the essential work done at Foundo is economically unviable and more people suffering from alcoholism, drug addiction and gambling addiction remain a burden on society…

…Foundation House does a service to the community that is invaluable. They operate in a time [where] addiction is rife in society …and they can continue to fight this scourge that plagues our society


I am writing this letter in support of Foundation House in its attempts to survive as a critical support organisation for people with Drug, Alcohol and Gambling issues.

…I had been [medically] diagnosed with depression and chronic alcohol addiction. I feel that the unique way in which Foundation House [is] set up was immense benefit to my recovery:

- Short-term stay of 28 days
- Intensive therapy
- Intro to AA, NA, GA
- Ongoing support (weekly meetings)

With the help of Foundation House and all the great staff who work there under difficult conditions, I have stayed sober since that day. I entered treatment 4 years and 9 months ago…


…as a past client, I occasionally visit [Foundation House] to have a meal with current clients, followed by a group meeting.

…The people I have personally referred to Foundation House over the past 18 months were not affiliated with any unions nor were they asked about such affiliations when they called seeking help and admission. The facility treats any addicts seeking their assistance in NSW, based on their ability to apply themselves to the program, regardless of gender or socio-economic standing. Rather universally providing skills vital to returning the individual to society, and independence without reliance on the addictions that have destroyed so many


I spent 14 years being a ‘sober’ alcoholic and my current partner [J] is a cocaine addict. The last 4 years were spent in despair and without true direction. After much research for rehab services, I came across Foundation House.

The general manager [JB] and his team are an amazing group of people, who implement an effective and significant rehabilitation program to people with addictions. The program is especially effective because the counsellors are real people who care genuinely, and all they ask in return…is to participate in the program genuinely.

…Apart from being experienced counsellors, JB and his team have amazing life skills and experiences which allow them to connect [with the clients], thus securing a better recovery. Unfortunately, relapse may take place. However, preparation is made for this also.

I have been attending the support group for families, once a week at Foundation House. All the families I have met in this group had the same sentiments as myself. They have seen comforting changes in their loved ones and speak highly of the program…


…[my partner, A] stayed at Foundation House due to alcohol and drug addiction. It was a very hard time in our lives, but your dedicated and caring staff made it a lot easier.

When I first came to Foundation House, there were a lot of questions that I had about alcoholism, including the reason behind A’s addiction and what I could do to help him. Through the family group meetings and advice from staff, all my questions were answered  and I gained a much better understanding of the disease.

Not only did the staff at Foundation House help A through, most probably the hardest time in his life, you also gave him tools to cope in the future.

Foundation House also gave incredible help to myself and my family, and equipped me with the mental and emotional strength to get through it. Without Foundation House, I don’t know where we would be today. I hope the amazing work you all do can continue in the future and help others in the same or similar situation

Thank you to all the staff at Foundo, your help will be remembered forever.


I went through the program 2 years ago, I came to Foundation House a hopeless alcoholic and drug addict. I stayed there for the 28 days where I participated in groups, counselling and 12-step meetings. I found the staff very understandable and knowledgeable about my addictions.

It was at Foundation House that I was guided back to life. Since leaving the program, I have returned for the ex-clients BBQ and Relapse Prevention group which has helped me reach the life I have today.

I am drug and alcohol-free, able to hold down a job… I have my family back in my life where I am able to work on the relationships I damaged during my drinking and drugging. I have hope, choice, am reliable, honest and free thanks to Foundation House


I’m writing to let you know that I am now 3,018 days clean and sober. One day at a time. Which is 8 years, 3 months and 5 days in everyday language.

I am so grateful that Foundation House was there for me when I needed it. Before I stopped drinking, I was a daily drunk. I drank as [soon] as I woke up and went to bed virtually unconscious. I had alcoholic diarrhoea and I was hearing voices. I was unemployed and unemployable.

I had no dignity or self-respect. I had become a liar, a cheat and a thief.

I was full of remorse and shame.

After my wife left me with our son… I got myself into detox…where I was told Foundation House would make me work hard to get well, which I instinctively knew I needed.

It was a real gift to me that I was able to embrace the concept of “surrender”.

The whole [Foundation House] program of intense group sessions, one-on-one counselling, AA meetings, sponsorship, exercise, household chores and the alumni fellowship, including relapse prevention and group meetings, has been the successful basis for what Foundation House is set up to do: provide me with a “foundation” from which to build my second chance at life.

I have remarried, bought a house, I have a new car, and have my son is living with me…at the heart of the recovery process that I learnt at Foundation House.

I hope that Foundation House continues its life-changing work for many people and for many years to come.


I am writing to say thank you so much for helping our family.

We had a problem, with no idea of how to deal with it, and you not only helped us, but gave us tools that we now use in our everyday life. The words of wisdom you gave us, I will remember forever.

Thank you so much, and I hope you will be able to help more families in the future.


Foundation House has given me so much, and more. Today I am 99 days drug-free. I feel I could not have achieved this without the wonderful support and guidance that I received from all the wonderful staff at Foundation House and for that I will always be grateful…


Foundation House has changed not only my life, but also my wife’s.

After a few relapses and losing all hope of getting and staying clean, I decided to go to Foundation House for the 28-day rehab. Since then, I have been attending Relapse Prevention groups every Wednesday. It has been a major support in my recovery, and my wife has been attending the Family Support which has supported her in dealing with day-to-day issues.

What my life is [presently] like is due to the fact that Foundation House was there to help me when I was unable to help myself – it’s impossible to put into words. My wife is happy, I am happy…and for that I thank you.

My life is back on track and my wife and I could not be better without Foundation House’s support


I would like to thank you for the continued support that Foundation House provides my husband and myself. It is this continual support that I believe has led to our continual recovery. My husband continues to remain free of alcohol and we have been able to recover as a family.

My husband has assessed help for his alcohol problem through the hospital system. He was referred to a hospital program by his psychiatrist and then later self-admitted. The program allowed him to dry out and he attended therapy sessions there. On returning home, he had access to support sessions for up to 10 weeks. On both occasions after these sessions ran out, he relapsed and in fact became worse.

He was then given a place in the Foundation House program. This was much more intense. He commented that he was starting to understand AA since being in the [Foundation House] program. Since returning home 2½ years ago, my husband has had no relapses.

Foundation House provided ongoing support which continues up to now. They worked with my husband’s employer to ensure a successful return to work. This was both support for my husband and gave his employer advice on how to support his return. Counselling was available to him as he returned into the community. He continues to attend the relapse prevention group each week and sees this as an important part of his recovery.

…It is the holistic nature of the program at Foundation House that has led to success in our case. We were a fractured family. My alcoholic husband was very sick, our family relationship had suffered greatly and work issues needed to be worked through to allow my husband’s return…”


Foundation House has changed not only my life, but also my wife’s. After a few relapses and losing all hope of getting and staying clean, I decided to go to Foundation House for their 28-day rehab program. Since then, I have been attending Relapse Prevention groups every week. It has been a major support in my recovery, and my wife has been attending the Family Support, which has supported her in dealing with day-to-day issues…

What my life is [now] like is due to the fact that Foundation House was there to help me when I was unable to help myself… My wife is happy, I am happy and my family is happy – for that I thank you.

My life is back on track and my wife and I could not be better without the support of Foundation House.


I’m writing is support of Foundation House in the hope it will help in putting their case for funding.

I completed the 28-day program of recovery and regularly attend the Relapse Provention group meeting each week, as I receive a great deal of support from my peers and the staff, which is very important in my dealing with the disease of alcoholism.

I cannot state strongly enough how much the program changed my life through the hard work and dedication of the staff – and the opportunity to stay in a safe and loving place in the early days of recovery, which are the most frightening and difficult.

Without places such as Foundation House, I believe the road to getting my life back on track would have been much harder, if not impossible, as I was very sick when I entered the program.

I will always be grateful to Foundo and pray that it will remain an option for future generations of addicts of any nature


I was a client of Foundation House about 8 months ago. I came in on the strong recommendation of my detox clinic. By this time, I had completely run out of my own ideas, as is the usual predicament for an alcoholic of the hopeless variety. I had tries conselling to control my drinking, that was a disaster. An alcoholic simply cannot drink like a gentleman.

I had tried Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, didn’t work for me… So, when I crawled into Foundation House, I didn’t put up a fight. I was beaten by alcohol. I was also a habitual drug user who had previously landed in hospital on a number of occasions due to overdosing. I was also a compulsive gambler and would lose a ridiculous amount to money. All trying to fill some kind of emptiness in me. I had never known what it was. I was of course to find that answer over the next 28 days at Foundo.

It was a kind of revelation. I did those things because I was an addict. Suffering from a disease known as addiction/alcoholism. I thought my using was for a thousand different reasons. Nope, just one. It was a relief to know my problem could be as simple to diagnose as it was to treat (if I was willing).

…It was during my 28-day stay at Foundo when the compulsion to drink and use and gamble was removed from me. Now I’ll stress that it wasn’t a magic wand…it was the 12-step program of recovery that was introduced to us during our stay. We went to AA/NA/GA meetings daily…We were nurtured and looked after and counselled during our stay. The food is great. The lodgings are comfortable.

…I write this letter 10 months into my recovery now. The compulsion to partake in anything mind or mood-altering has been removed (though I  must always be vigilant, one drink or drug and I can have ALL my misery back)…

I’m happy and want to thank you. And I hope Foundation House is still helping and nurturing many, many years from now. The unfortunate truth is that there’s no shortage of sick people out there still suffering…