Assessment and Criteria

All clients are assessed to determine their drug, alcohol and gambling, health and welfare needs. Intake procedures identify initial client needs and eligibility for Foundation House services and programs.

Assessment Procedure:

  • Potential clients wishing to go on the waiting list need to call (02) 9810 3117  Monday to Friday between 9am and 4pm.  Information will be gathered to determine whether our service is the one best suited to potential clients needs.
  • Foundation House advise that clients engage a medically supervised detoxification prior to admission into the program. Potential clients need to meet the Foundation House Criteria to be eligible for admission for the program
  • Requested documentation needs to be forwarded prior to admission to Foundation House.
  • A face to face assessment is organised with the client.
  • A date for admission is then organised for the client.

Criteria for Admission:

  • Clients will be required to provide a supervised urine sample, within 30 minutes of arriving for admission. Clients also required to provide a supervised breath test upon arrival.
  • Random Urine tests and random breath tests may be taken at any time during the program.
  • A photograph for identification purposes will be taken on admission.
  • No pending court cases within 28 days.
  • Clients must be 3 months separated from incarceration.
  • Must be 5 days clean from all substances (except 14 days from Buprenorphine, Crystal Meths (ice) and Methadone maintenance programs.)
  • NO raving or taking DRUGS or ALCOHOL and NO GAMBLING.
  • All groups, assignments and activities are compulsory and you have a responsibility to be on time.
  • Clients are expected to keep the unit clean and share in house cleaning duties.
  • Applicants who give information which is later found to be false or misleading may be subject to discharge after admission.
  • Clients must phone between 9am & 12 noon Mondays and Thursdays to retain place on waiting list.  Failure to call will cause your name to be removed from the list.
  •  Clients need to organise Centrelink benefits prior to admission or be able to meet the required weekly payments.