Problem Gambling Outpatient Counselling

Outpatient Counselling for Problem Gamblers

Foundation House provides a range of outpatient activities and services specifically designed for problem gamblers. These services are provided for clients whose needs are best met by outpatient attendance. They may include one-on-one counselling and/or an evening program of four nights per week for 2 hours per night outpatient program (depending on demand). The four nights a week program has a cost of $20 per week to cover expenses for photocopying and tea and coffee. It is best suited for people who are still working and unable to take time off for a 28-day residential program.

These sessions screen for and identify excessive gambling and associated problems, and provide guidelines for the most effective treatment options for the individual, which may include harm minimisation strategies or abstinence.

Outpatient Counselling includes:
• A comprehensive assessment of the client including their level of problem gambling, psychological status and other levels of functioning.
• Motivational interviewing if the client is ambivalent or resistant to change.
• The identification of high risk problem gambling situations and the introduction of relapse prevention strategies.
• A motivational intervention that includes the personalisation of the health effects of problem gambling.Skills training to deal with identified deficits
• An introduction to 12-step programs or other self help groups according to the needs of the individual.
• After-Care and follow up sessions.

It should be noted that referrals for counselling from an employer who is not a sponsor of Foundation House will be charged $85.00 per session.