Relapse Prevention

Foundation House provides a Relapse Prevention Program for clients and ex-clients. These groups are restricted to former clients of the residential and outpatient programs. The groups are held every place every Wednesday night, commencing with a barbeque dinner.

The B-B-Q is followed by a one hour Relapse Prevention Group aimed at addressing and developing strategies to deal with issues that may contribute to relapse. Every 2nd Wednesday a women’s only group is held.

Each Wednesday night after the Relapse Prevention group a “closed” in-house 12-step meeting is available to ex-residents.

All former clients of Foundation House are encouraged to attend relapse prevention as it is a powerful means of informing current clients that recovery is possible. The group gives proof to the current residents that there is a better life on offer for people who are willing to work the programs.

Relapse Prevention Groups at 6:30pm after BBQ:

Every Wednesday

  • Dave’s Group – various relapse prevention topics
  • John’s Group – sharing
  • Every  Second Wednesday

  • Karen’s Group – relapse prevention specifically for women