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Foundation House Golf Day

Would you like the chance to play golf on a great Golf Course with lunch as well as support Foundation House? Well come along to our Golf Day on 26th February at Macquarie Links Golf Club, play a round of golf, have lunch and support Foundation House all at the same time. It will be a great day out - see the attached link for the invitation and get in early to book your spot. Hole Sponsorships are available, please call 9555-7852 for information. FH_Golf Day Invitation 3

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Tux the Foundation House Dog says…………..

Tux wants to wish all Foundation House residents, ex-residents, staff and supporters a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.   . He'll be waiting to see you all again next year

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With the holidays fast approaching…

  During the holiday season, it's important to recognise how challenging this time of year is for many people around the world. Family events, non-family events or even just as an escape; Christmas and New Years Eve especially form a critical make-or-break situation that many people find themselves in. But the question is, how do you engage in behaviours that align with who you want to be and how you want to act? There are several ways to help yourself through this holiday season. Practicing mindfulness through guided meditation and deep breathing is one way that can help you be present in the moment and 'ground yourself' in times of stress or anxiety. Yoga and meditation at the hundreds of studios close to you. A great way to also ground yourself and be present in the moment Writing a daily plan. This is important to do around the big days like Christmas and New Years eve. Writing a daily plan will ensure that there is a course of action for your day and something to refer back on if you feel like you're veering off track. Keep it in the day! This is a simple way to keep your actions for the day. instead of saying, i'm not going to drink tomorrow; just focus on the day at hand. If that becomes difficult, keep it in the hour, the minute or even just the moment. Write a gratitude list. This will help you be grateful and reminded of things that are good in your [...]

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Improving our Service

Thank you very much to the 8 ex-clients who assisted us with their feedback during our recent Focus Group session into improving our service for all Clients.  We hope to implement some of the suggestions made during this session during the coming months.

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Yoga at Foundation House

We'd like to welcome Kaz Fewell to the Foundation House Team.  She will be conducting Yoga and Meditation classes twice a week for our residents, courtesy of a generous grant from Sutherland Tradies. NAMASTE!

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